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Here at Sleep Eye Mask we have hand selected and tested the finest sleep eye masks the market has to offer. Whether it be silk, cotton or memory foam, we have done extensive research to ensure the eye mask you receive, will deliver the flawless night’s sleep you deserve.

Please browse our hand selected sleep eye masks through the relevant categories above or check out our featured products below.

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We stock a variety of sleep eye masks, whether it be for travel or at home with detailed descriptions on what to expect with each eye mask, this is done in the hope you can make your purchase with full confidence the product is what you’re looking for.

In the travel eye mask section you will find a vast amount of them come with free earplugs and travel pouches, this ensures you can quickly pack your bags or easily find your eye mask and earplugs whilst protecting them from dirt and dust.


Do Sleep Eye Masks Work?

It is often asked whether sleep eye masks actually work.

But how and why sleep eye masks work is often the follow up question…well keep reading, and we’ll explain how and why sleep masks really are so effective at securing that deep sleep we all crave.


Sleep Eye Masks Block Out Light

One way in which sleep eye masks work is by blocking out the light which would otherwise stimulate and activate nerve pathways within the eyes, causing the brain to not adjust your body temperature and hormone levels which play a part in entering a state of sleep.

When your brain detects total darkness it begins signalling to pineal gland within the brain which is responsible for the release of the melatonin hormone.

By boosting our melatonin within our bodies, we will gradually become less attentive which allows us gravitate towards a state of sleep.

It is said that melatonin can actually help reduce dopamine levels, which is a hormone that aids in keeping you awake.


The Effectiveness of Blocking Out Light Depends On Which Sleep Eye Mask You Select

For example, the traditional eye mask design tended to block out an average of 90% of light. This is due to the design which sits on the bridge of the nose, meaning light seeps in from the bottom which can be distracting and counterproductive.

However, there are higher grade traditional sleep eye masks that boast the ability to block out almost all the light such as the Gritin Sleep Eye Mask with its 99% light shading design.

But if you’re looking for eye masks that completely block out the light, then you would want to look at contoured designed sleep eye masks.

With their contoured design, these eye masks gently mould to your face sealing any gaps which could otherwise let in light.

For example, the Orihea Sleep Eye Masks are designed to block out 100% of light due to their 3D low rebound memory foam and fine fabric construction.


Sleep Eye Masks Help Combat Insomnia

One of the reasons people ask whether sleep eye masks work is because they’re suffering from some form of insomnia and are looking for a natural remedy, which is where sleep eye masks come in.

As touched upon above, the increased melatonin will assist in drifting into a natural sleep which is a great aid in combating insomnia.

Furthermore by entering a total state of darkness it can help the brain to relax, which means any anxiety, excitement and alertness all begin to gently fade.

Finally wearing an eye mask will not only prevent annoying street lights from disturbing you but also stop you from glancing at your clock/alarm or window which is a common factor in insomnia.


Can Sleep Eye Masks Reduce Wrinkles?

Sleep eye masks are no silver bullet, but they can actually help reduce wrinkles, especially Silk Sleep Eye Masks.

This is because silk is a naturally breathable material which allows oxygen to flow freely into the mask, preventing the skin around the eyes from losing moisture.

The reason retaining moisture within your skin is so vital to fighting wrinkles is because when your skin becomes dehydrated your collagen which is a predominantly water based protein, can begin to crack and the collagen strands that have broken off clot together; forming wrinkles.

And it’s not just the oxygen flowing freely through the mask that helps retain moisture within the skin, it’s the proteins and amino acids within the silk which can lead to an increase in epidermal cell hydration, a major defence against infection and which regulates the amount of moisture released from the skin.


How Do Gel Eye Masks Work?

Now before we go into how gel masks work, it’s worth noting they’re not predominantly used for sleep. They’re actually used when combatting swelling and headache pains, this is done by effectively cooling the surface area around the eyes.

The reason these works is because the cold treatment can reduce swelling by slowing and reducing the blood flow around the eyes and surrounding area, which results in reduced inflammation.

Gel eye masks are particularly popular with office workers, as they’re consistently focusing on their computer screen.

This can lead to itchy, watery and sore eyes which can translate to blurred vision and even burst blood vessels, which can cause discomfort.

Using a cold gel eye mask may help to remedy eye strain and alleviate any headaches. This is because the cold mask will constrict the surrounding blood vessels, in turn reducing the neurotransmissions of pain directed to our precious brains.


Contoured Sleep Eye Masks Protect Your Eyelashes

Often there is a concern by women that eye masks could damage their eyelashes or dislodge any fake eyelashes, which is why we recommend contoured eye masks.

The reason your standard sleep eye mask crushes and otherwise damages your eyelashes is because of their shape and build.

For example, the standard eye mask just rests across the bridge of your nose which, unless you have a really large nose, places a strain upon the eye lashes and eye lid, resulting in misshapen or damage eyelashes.

In order to avoid this, we recommend the Orihea Sleep Eye Mask, which also boasts the ability to block out 100% of light.

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